† LILY / 02.10 / POLAND †
⋩ candy voice and devil's smile ⋨

I'm still in an endless monochrome dream
Tangled ribbon between wakefulness and sleep
Deadly heart and crystal tears flowing forever
silver sheet doesn't reflect the abyss eyes reflections.
Like on the other side of the mirror
the depths of the sea.

Lukewarm, sweet smelling kindness what was colored white could also be seen as black.

I'm the one who creates my own ideals.
xXx xXx
Ruki:Are you guys doing okay?
Ruki:If you are, good. There are those who are not doing okay as well but once the reason why you are feeling down gets cleared up I hope you get to smile as much as possible.
❝We can save people with music.❞
— Hide (X-Japan)

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